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"I have been praying for the last three years for an activity center for children, youth, families, and the elderly in the community and now God is opening up the door."

-Barry Monda

Do you remember going bowling with friends or playing ping pong at the neighbor's house? 

Ping Pong Players

As youth pastors at Victory Gospel Chapel, Barry and Melody Monda have used their own life experiences to minister to children.  Many of the teenagers they meet have never enjoyed the fun things they enjoyed as teenagers. The simple pleasures of bowling with friends or playing games with the neighbors can not only bring joy into someone’s life but also builds important character traits as we learn to be in a community together.

Happy Bowling Kids

God has put the activity center on the Mondas’ hearts to begin healing the negative impacts of generational curses. They believe they can help families by teaching them the Word of God while instilling a sense of community and positive character-building traits developed from being involved in games and activities with others.

A place for children and their families come to experience the love of God in a safe place while
experiencing activities most of us take for granted.

Kids Running
Our Partners will be the fight against the many social ills arising from drug addiction, recidivism, poverty, and social injustices of every kind.
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Donated: $20,250.00

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Goal Amount: $4,000,000

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