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God doesn't make mistakes.

Barry confesses, "God had given me extraordinary coordination, chosen me to shoot the winning shot at the buzzer, run the winning touchdown in the final seconds, hit the home run with two strikes against me, make the unbelievable catch at third base, and date the prettiest cheerleader. So how did I become a crackhead?

I always dreamed of becoming a famous football, basketball, or baseball player, but never a player in the life of addiction. There are so many times I should've been found dead, ended up in prison, or infected with AIDS."

God's grace and mercy to Barry was amazing…even miraculous.

If you or a friend are strung out on drugs…
Missing out on God's wonderful gifts…
Squandering opportunity after opportunity…

If you or a friend need a fresh start…
A second chance,
Another opportunity at overcoming any life controlling problem…

Or simply a reboot from sin, corruption, and failure,

Then read this book right now!

Breaking Bad is an amazing story and a perfect way to stop just surviving and start living life to its fullest!

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